I am a passionate producer who has a drive to make films that tell emotive and compelling stories using strong visuals. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and for me, that is the only way good stories get told. My job is to bring together fantastic teams who all believe in a shared goal to create a brilliant piece of work.  

I have five years of experience from hands-on producing and occasionally directing various multi-award winning narrative short films to producing music promos and branded content for many brands and clients (P&O, Robinson’s, MSD, Sanofi, Disney and Pandora) to name but a few.

I currently producing short film Tin Luck which is being supported by Pundersons Garden’s, One Stop Films and Kodak, directed by Beatrix Blaise and recently completed short film Natives, directed by Siofra Campbell and starring Zoë Tapper, Andrew Brooke, Thomas Coombes, Clint Dyer and James Hillier.


Please e-mail katiesmithfilm@gmail.com for enquiries/screeners

Photo cred: Mark Brome